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Bordom induced survey urge... Deviant - 27/01/2003 10:37:14 PM

1. Do you like to sleep?
Love to, but only when I'm not alloud to on mondays-fridays.

2. Do you prefer to sleep during the night or during the day?

3. How many hours of sleep do you get, on average?
Quite a few. Most people my age average like 5 a day or something... but weekdays I get usually 9. Weekends however...

4. Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?
I'm a deep sleeper (apparently, yes, I snore) And so remembering dreams is a rarity. The dreams i do remember are often nyquil induced and alice in wonderland scary.

5. Have you ever suffered from insomnia?
It usually takes me a couple of hours to actually get to sleep, but I always eventually get there.

6. Has there ever been a time in your life when during the time between laying down in bed and falling off to sleep you dont like the images that come to mind?
The images that come to mind are often deep philosophical termoils, light erotica, or perhaps a recount of my current situation on life. I have mixed reviews on what I see, but of course the porn is the best (but oddly enough what gets me to sleep the slowest).

7. Have you ever prolonged going to sleep for fear of those images?
Oh ya... let me tell you... oh boy.

8. What is the worst nightmare you have ever had?
Strange that I remember this dream.
I was about 7 or so (bare with me, this is wierd) and was sitting on the floor infront of a couch facing a fireplace and playing with some toy. Suddenly I look at the fireplace and a spider crawls out. The spider is weird looking, as it's leggs come straight down vertically from it's body, and bend very little while it walks. Anyways, I'm staring at this spider (which is big, about a foot tall) and I cannot move. My entire body tenses. I somehow let out a scream and my family comes behind the couch. My big brother (who is fictional, I have no older OR male siblings whatsoever) courageously says he'll help me. He walks past the arm of the chair but then appears beside me as a child about my age. We both stare at the spider as it grows closer and closer. I woke up screaming in a cold sweat.

9. Do you snore? moan? sleepwalk? talk? in your sleep?
Oh I moan.. but not in my sleep.
I'm told I snore, but with no videographic evidence I can say otherwise. I also toss and turn, sometimes waking up facing different directions and/or nolonger on the bed. This of course makes the prospect of having a bed partner a little difficult. I'm thinking if I ever have a long term relationship I'll go japonese and buy two beds (less intimate I know, but better then getting kicked in the face, don't you agree ladies.)

10. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Both... I prefer the left side on mondays-fridays, and the right on weekends.

11. In which position do you sleep in?
More positions then the kama-sutra and all of yoga combined.

12. Do you need an outside stimulus such as tv to fall asleep?
I don't need anything, but lately I've been listening to music... that has seemed to make me dose off faster.

13. There is no 13.
Then I'll make a number 13!
13. During intercourse do you prefer the top or the bottom?
Well, I personally like the bottom. I know a lot of guys like controll and stuff, and so the common choice is on top. But I like it more when the woman controls the speed of the act... not to mention it's a lot less physical work.

Deviant out.

Deviant out.

Gamings Prodigal Son

Tweak's Younger Brother.

For reals.


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