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WELCOME to the magnificant and all new and shiny MERCHANDISING stores! Please take a moment to look around. Don't forget to check out the product descriptions for they are fun and useful and even at times relevant. Also please note that you can choose the colour of all of the t-shirts!

The first store is based in the UK and the second in the US. This is an attempt at limiting the postage that people will have to pay. Any problems you may have with the process of purchasing one of the beautiful items will be handled by Spreadshirt themselves, but any questions please send them to

We'll announce new designs and products on our messageboards for you to choose from as ideas come through to us, so pay attention! We also plan to have design competitions and products from the store as prizes so get thinking of good ideas, as we want to keep the range as fresh and exciting as we can. Any ideas you do have but lack the skills or inclination to turn into beautiful pictures then send them over to and you never know, they might just turn up as excellent t-shirts, or even the odd onesie.

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