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Thank you all for your generosity

Thanks to a very generous donation and a number of premium account purchases, RAFO is keeping its doors open! Hurrah!

I've read through the comments and I will be making a couple of tweaks, primarily to merge the boards together so we can concentrate activity and stand a better chance of keeping recent momentum going.

Chat has also popped up again as something I know a lot of people want, but there's no easy option here. I want something which links in to RAFO's database so that people can only chat under their own names, but short of spending an inordinate amount of effort developing something myself the only option are to use a 3rd party solution, which will invariably add further costs on top of hosting. Still, I'll keep thinking and hopefully I'll be able to come up with something

Anyway. Thanks again for your commitment to RAFO, both temporal and financial (aren't they supposed to be the same thing?). You fine folks are what makes RAFO awesome!

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The End Has... Been Postponed?

A week ago I had very little desire but every intention of closing down RAFO. Since then I have received an unsolicited but welcome offer to cover the bulk of the hosting charges over the next year.

I admit to being torn. On one hand, this site, the community, and its links to a gloriously Wotmaniac past are something I hold dear and have no wish to see consigned to the great 404 page in the sky. On the other hand, I've been covering the hosting charges myself for the past 3-4 years and can't really afford to ...

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The End Has Arrived

As I mentioned almost 6 months ago to the day, ReadAndFindOut is closing its doors.

The fateful date will be Tuesday 28th Feb, after which the site will be taken down, the databases deleted, and the servers decommissioned. If there's anything in particular you need saved or backed up, I suggest you get it done over the next 4 weeks.

Me, I'll be keeping my whisky collection company.

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