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Mad Max: Fury Road

30 years after Thunderdome, Max is back with a vengeance. The bumpy production phase with delays, script changes and pretty high costs did not exactly paint a picture of confidence. Thankfully, the result shows no sign of any of that. Fury Road is a kinetic thrill ride, basically a two hour car chase monster truck show with primarily real stunts and practical effects in landscapes and frames so stunningly beautiful you wanna pin them up on your wall.

Tom Hardly is an excellent Max. He talks as little as possible (or can't even for a third of the film) while getting his ass whooped over and over and still getting shit done. Thankfully, the supporting characters are equally strong, especially Charlize Theron, raising the stakes for the task at hand.

The outstanding production design pays homage to all three former films while taking it to whole new levels of insanity and awesomeness. It's like the film itself: really weird, grim,violent, but always fun.

Mad Max Fury Road makes the Fast & Furious films seem like a few toddlers going round a cul de sac on their bobby cars. This perfectly choreographed high-octance ballet of death and destruction is ...

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

After the first movie made all my comic reading dreams come true on film I went into this with somewhat reduced expectations, because I just couldn't imagine it topping the original. And of course it doesn't. But: at least it's equally amazing.

While it's skipping a potentially interesting part of "how do they all come back together?" in favor of going all in medias res instead, the first few action scenes are so over the top you end up being a little confused. Thankfully, the film soon after finds its footing in the scenes of the ...

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You could easily say director Neill Blomkamp remade his major success District 9 simply by replacing aliens with a sentient robot. You wouldn't be entirely wrong, when it comes to tone, delivery and the look of the film. But you wouldn't do Chappie justice either.
The decision to have the first sentient police robot fall into the hands of gangsters who, of course, want to use it for a heist teach him how ...

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