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Inside Out

While the trailers didn't manage (or maybe didn't even try, because they left me entirely indifferent) to grasp the entire concept of the latest Pixar adventure, the movie needs mere seconds to sell the audience on its premise.

It all starts with a birth: Emotions (joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust) are working hard in their headquarters inside our heads. Dreams are made in a film studio nearby. Imagination is a wild amusement park. Our character traits and interests are like islands that have to be maintained. The train of thought runs through it all. Our memories are marbles in the color of the emotion we connect with them.

This concept is as simple as it is brilliant and beautifully solved here. The design of this entire world is absolutely gorgeous and makes perfect sense in the film's own logic. It wouldn't be Pixar if they didn't manage to create an exciting and deeply moving adventure around this concept.

A smart, heart-warming and funny film that may be a little too weird and abstract for the youngest kids. But adults may even get even more from this in exchange. Lovely!

PS: the greatest laugh (for cat ...

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Jurassic World

This is not a reboot, not even a soft one. This is set exactly where it's supposed to be, 20 years after the events we all came to love. And the creators found just the right mixture of references and nostalgia and refreshing new ideas to make this all work. To be honest, the first big shot of the park together with John William's classic theme is already worth the price of the movie ticket. Thankfully, that's not the last time the film puts a smile on your face.

Of course, there is some setting-up to do ...

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Mad Max: Fury Road

30 years after Thunderdome, Max is back with a vengeance. The bumpy production phase with delays, script changes and pretty high costs did not exactly paint a picture of confidence. Thankfully, the result shows no sign of any of that. Fury Road is a kinetic thrill ride, basically a two hour car chase monster truck show with primarily real stunts and practical effects in landscapes and frames so stunningly beautiful you wanna pin them up ...

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