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The Hobbit: The Battle of the five Armies

And so our visit to Middle Earth ends. With a bang? Sure. With disappointment? I fear so.

The first two parts of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy already got complaints similar to the Star Wars prequels, the final installment will probably be no exception. The difference being: the last chapter of Bilbo's story actually deserves quite some of the criticism.

It starts with the way the films were split in two. That throws us in medias res in Smaug's attack on Lake Town but also makes it hard to get into the story at first. It probably works much better when watching it back to back, but after a break of a year you'll have a hard time being as blown away by the dragon fire as you were last Christmas.

After that, the film wastes little time and takes big steps towards the big showdown of the five armies. The major battle ultimately delivers great action in cool locations, but the initial conflict seems so forced that the stakes never feel as big as they did when the King returned. It doesn't help that there are major plot holes, characters and creatures appearing and disappearing ...

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I had to let it sink in for 24 hours. During the film itself I was on the edge of my seat, clenching my fists into it, I laughed, I was touched, never indifferent but sometimes confused, maybe. So the final judgement had to wait.

After a good night's sleep and some thinking I feel comfortable in saying Interstellar met my pretty big expectations. I am sure the reception will be somewhat mixed and controversial, because the movie is pretty demanding of its audience and the solution may not be for everyone. I liked it just the way it ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Let's be honest. Less than a year ago there had not been much marketing for this film yet. And it seemed like a bold move by Marvel to take a lesser known comic including a talking raccoon and a walking tree as their big summer movie for 2014 without a full-blown A-list cast. People started fearing this could be Marvel's first financial flop. It's not gonna happen though, because word will travel ...

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