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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Another fantastic entry in the rare case of an action franchise that just keeps getting better and better. That's thanks to great direction of excellent action in awesome set pieces and action, but also thanks to the leading man.
People can say about Cruise's private life or religious choices all they want. The man keeps delivering great genre entertainment year after year, while doing as many stunts as he can all by himself. The insane opening sequence is testament to that.

Still, one of the best parts of this is how it is an ensemble piece with everyone doing their part. Female newbie Rebecca Ferguson is fantastic, blowing all Bond girls from the last 45 years out of the water. Pegg is likable and funny as always.

The pacing is great and especially the two major sequences in the middle of the film in the Vienna opera and all over Casablanca are absolutely breathtaking. The showdown can't even begin to top that and doesn't try, taking a different approach to a solution instead.

Overall a pretty long film for an action thriller but an incredibly entertaining one. With quality as high as this, they can keep ...

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Fully aware of the silliness of someone shrinking down to insect size while remaining a threat to human beings, the last Marvel film of phase 2 decides to just have fun with the concept. Especially the showdown is making great use of the possibilities of people shrinking and growing back to size within seconds. While that makes for one of the smallest end fights in movie history when it comes to scale, it's also one of the funnest.

The film also neatly ties itself into the existing Marvel universe, again showing the benefit of such a well-established world, where ...

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Inside Out

While the trailers didn't manage (or maybe didn't even try, because they left me entirely indifferent) to grasp the entire concept of the latest Pixar adventure, the movie needs mere seconds to sell the audience on its premise.

It all starts with a birth: Emotions (joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust) are working hard in their headquarters inside our heads. Dreams are made in a film studio nearby. Imagination is a wild amusement park ...

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