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An Ending

Hi all,

It's time to bring RAFO's journey to a conclusion. I have been putting off this decision for several years now, but its increasingly hard to justify keeping the lights on here. I don't have a definitive end date yet, but it'll be in the next 3-6 months.

While RAFO was created primarily as a refuge for the community of wotmania after that site's closure, we had high hopes that it might eventually also stand on its own feet as a destination for Sci-fi & Fantasy discussion. That reality never materialised, and the community itself has also dissipated over time. It'd be easy to lay the blame for both of these at the trend toward consolidation of online discourse in a handful of large social media platforms, and that's undoubtedly part of the picture, but its also the case that RAFO wasn't kept up to date with the technology needed to attract and retain users (especially in terms of mobile-responsive design and forum/message board UX).

Regardless of the reasons why, it's still the case that the site is a shell of what it once was, and there's no practical ...

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A new board awakens...


I had every intention of merging the various boards into a single entity, so that it would be possible to view all previous posts in a single location with the searching and favourite post functionality all operating across all previous posts. This turned out to be too technically challenging, so instead I have created a new messageboard for RAFO. Welcome!

Don't worry that all previous posts have been lost though - they haven't. If you head over to the "Archive" section in the menu on the left, you'll still be able to access all the previous messageboards ...

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Thank you all for your generosity

Thanks to a very generous donation and a number of premium account purchases, RAFO is keeping its doors open! Hurrah!

I've read through the comments and I will be making a couple of tweaks, primarily to merge the boards together so we can concentrate activity and stand a better chance of keeping recent momentum going.

Chat has also popped up again as something I know a lot of people want, but there's no ...

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