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Guardians of the Galaxy

Let's be honest. Less than a year ago there had not been much marketing for this film yet. And it seemed like a bold move by Marvel to take a lesser known comic including a talking raccoon and a walking tree as their big summer movie for 2014 without a full-blown A-list cast. People started fearing this could be Marvel's first financial flop. It's not gonna happen though, because word will travel fast. This is riot.

"Guardians" is the kind of lighthearted yet never superficial or even dumb Sci-Fi adventure people loved to watch in the 1980s. Director James Gunn pays homage to that era especially with his brilliant use of songs throughout the film yet propelling visual effects to a new level at the same time. While Gunn can rely on excellent CGI effects that make us care deeply about the creatures mentioned above, the human cast is delivering spot on performances, too. It's the characters' stories that ultimately make you click with this movie and make it so much more than a fast food adventure.
It's fast, it's colorful, it's weird (but not as weird as feared) while being deeply satisfying ...

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Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise has been known to fight aliens before, but while his latest effort mimics the best of the genre (Aliens, The Matrix ) while adding aspects of history (the Normandy from Saving Private Ryan) and glimpses of comedy (Groundhog Day), this movie ultimately feels pretty damn fresh.

Time loop films can easily get repetitive, but director Doug Liman is too smart to give us the same scenes over and over. They all serve a purpose, move the plot, add humor or turn out to be frustrating dead ends for the protagonists.

Once you accept the admittedly random reason behind the ...

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Even the biggest fans of the X-Men franchise will admit that its continuity was a mess after six films. Now director Bryan Singer is back to clean up the mess and what a great job he does connecting the dots while juggling dozens of characters!

Loosely based on the classic story arc of the same name the mutants' fight for survival continues in two time zones. What could have turned into even more of a ...

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