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Hard to Pinpoint this on an arbitrary scale...but... The Seeker of Truth - 28/01/2003 10:58:00 AM

..I'll describe what ailments I have, you use your own point of reference to determine where it would rank for you, and from that I suppose I can gauge my pain threshold.

(By the way, this is not an evaluation of my intellect, or lack thereof, or my stubbornness. *grin* I'd fail miserably on those accounts I fear.)

Age 17, blow my left knee playing soccer. I manage to completely tear the ACL. Despite the immediate pain, continue to jog on it for the remainder of the game trying to finish the match. Concede in the 87th minute, and leave the field.

Age 17 (+3 months), I try out for, and make the New York State Empire State Games scholastic team for soccer. During the process I 'powderize' (Doc's wording, not mine) my Medial Meniscus cartilage in that same knee by not having it repaired before competing.

Age 18 - 27, Play soccer, Division I, 4 years in college and then begin playing indoor and outdoor soccer in Washington, DC when I moved here. Tear ligaments in my left ankle trying to compensate for the deficient knee.

From the first through the last I experience shooting pains up my left leg, swelling, throbbing, at times immobility in the knee joint, etc. I've never had any sort of reconstruction or work done on the knee save for having it drained twice in college (Although the doctors never cease to suggest I have it rebuilt) and I even had one doctor tell me that it is the worst knee injury he's ever seen and that he was surprised I could walk, let alone run, with the excruciating pain I must be suffering. To me, it has gotten to the point where I'm only faintly aware of the pain - it's become so commonplace it has dulled over the years.

So I guess part of me feels I rank relatively high on the pain threshold scale, and probably equally high on the stupid/stubborn/macho dipsh*t scale as well. I hadn't really thought of it as a bragging right before, but I guess as I have little else to be particularly proud of at the moment - this will have to be my token bragging point. *grin* If that doesn't work, I once had my stomach waxed to remove the 'love trail' so that I could show off my abs in the summer... guys, be sure to thank your ladies when they get waxed anywhere, that sh*t HURTS on a whole new level!!

The Seeker Of Truth

"Pain is temporary, Pride is forever... WHAT A CROCK!"

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