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When will they be on equal footing? Will you be able to tell? Arok Manok - 30/01/2003 10:08:02 PM

That's the problem. And as long as we (all people) use terms like "they" or the blacks or the whites, there will always be discrimination and racism. That's the problem with everyone wanting to preserve their culture and be treated equally. Preserving your culture often becomes gloating or a superiority complex or a feeling of separation. How can someone be like other people if they constantly want to point out how they stand out? "Black Power" and "Here and Queer" and every other slogan just serves to force bigger wedges between us. The only way we'll ever all be socially equal is if we all look the same and have the same skills. It won't happen. All I'm saying is how can you tell when anyone's been helped enough? And if you help them too long, shouldn't you help other people to make up for it? Is it fair to block whites out of jobs and schools to help blacks or chinese or whatever? Is it fair? I don't actively discriminate or harbor anger or hatred, but if I were passed over for a spot in a university because someone else had darker skin, I'd be pissed off too.

You should all read that Harrison Bergeron story (I think that's the title). It's about a theoretical world where the physically superior are handicapped to come down to the same level as everyone else. There are other aspects, but that's one of them. There will never be compelte equality on Earth, in my opinion, so people need to get with the program and put in a little more effort where effort is needed.

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