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Umm,... Captain Psyko - 18/01/2003 10:03:07 PM

its not just that, i lived in shanghia, moscow, and hong kong, and i loved those. And i have plenty of friends who are new yorkers, one of wich is my own brother. The first time i came to new york, i was ready to love it, until it took away my baggage, one of which contained the expensive necklice i got for my mother. Then the next time i came for a stop over flight, i was stuck in the airport for 2 days, and i missed a final and my girl friends birhtday! Then the last time i came, my luggage was stolen, not lost this time, by some pakistani cabbi driver who didnt want to wait five seconds for me to take it out. Then my clothes were ruined by a drippy air conditioner hanging outside a window. Finally i was harassed by some 15 year old wannabe punks who tried to sell me used batteries, and when i said no, one threw a can at me. So you tell me, who hates who more.

With the exception of 1) used batteries, and 2) air conditioners - you have described AIRPORT problems, common in any airport anywhere.

As for the air conditioners - you'll find that in any city, don't blame NY.

As for used batteries - I don't know where you were hanging out, but it seems to me that that is NOT typical of NYC.

Don't be so quick to say you hate a city...

It sounds to me like you're just bitter over a variety of unrelated coincidences in NYC.

Keith (NOT BACK)
One always dies too soon-- or too late. And yet one's whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are-- your life, and nothing else. - Garcin, No Exit

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