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A New Fanatic, for a New Message Board. Fanatic - 14/01/2003 08:55:49 PM

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Hello you Beautiful, Wonderful People,

A clear, bubbly, un-clouded stream. A blue sky -- cloudless -- birds chirp, tall green grasses like weird, folksy religious nuts sway in the breeze, silent halleluja's whispering, an apple tree -- untouched by worms -- in full bloom. This, this (my friends, beautiful, wonderful people) this is how I picture this new Message Board. Picture it. Picturesque.

From forth this day, I pledge, a new Fanatic™©, one filled with a guileless kindness, a sense of inner peace that seems to touch thin, stickly, 90lb cocaine addicts in the last throws of their -- that seems to touch only nuns, praying, in the full hand of God. And a Farmer, (not his daughter, surely, no) a Farmer, as he feels the fuzzy softness of a peach, its heaviness lightening his heart.

I have seen the Flame, and known its destructiveness. I have wandered far to meet many Wotmaniacs within the past few weeks, walked through their homes and through their kitchens and through their bondage chambers, and known them. I have met aerocontrols (taller than I thought, balding, his mother a kindly woman; his fascination with video games a surprise, his affection for his five cats -- priceless) and ngallagher (his basement room in his grandparent's house spacey, or, rather, spacious; his grandmother Billy (an operation) and his grandfather Jack, perhaps two of the nicest folk I have yet to see; his life-size cardboard cut-out of Andre the Giant -- impressive -- the dress he adorned it with, cunning) and Dodem (her collection of dismembered pigs' heads astounding, her Goth negligee, mind-blowing) and I have known them, known who is on the other side of this flickering screen, this window into formless void, impeccable silence of tortured newbies, proud elders, and various, multi-faceted and facade-showing persons. I have, in short, realized the pain I can -- and have -- caused.

A promise of a kinder poster, a new kind of poster: compassionate, conservatively-liberal, to the left of the right of the center; a man for a new time, a woman for an older time, a transsexual of imperfect impeccable transition, forsooth, forsaken, forever. I. I, Fanatic.

F! ~ Your Guess is as Good as mine.

Here be Myth

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