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Midtown are from Jersey. And they are assholes. *NM* Captain Psyko - 19/01/2003 11:07:33 PM

I was channel surfing yesterday, and i saw a good looking asian chick (thier soo cute, by the way im saving up for a digital camera, so soon ill have pictures to show you of my girlfriend) on mtv. Hmmm, I say, Maybe this channel isnt that bad. SO while im staring at the cute asian girl ellen, i am appaled at what i see and here. MIDTOWN IS PLAYING "DIRECTION" FOR THE SONG FOR ONE OF THOSE REALITY TV SHOW CHALLENGE THINGS. Though midtown is a horrible horrible wanabe emo band from Orange County, California, it happens to be my girlfriends favorite band and "Direction" was our song (well she cant be pefect ) MTV has not only taken away The State (a great sketch comedy show in the early 90s) but now it has taken away our song! Like hell im gonna listen to tolearate it now that it has been corupted!

Keith (NOT BACK)
One always dies too soon-- or too late. And yet one's whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are-- your life, and nothing else. - Garcin, No Exit

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Midtown are from Jersey. And they are assholes. *NM* - 19/01/2003 11:07:33 PM 2 Views
thier from jersey, then why do they have a condo in Laguna Beach? *NM* - 19/01/2003 11:10:12 PM 6 Views
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