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It's all ephemeral here (and a detailed past history here) Dylanfanatic - 20/01/2003 02:19:10 PM

And there are some people talking on the MB, and all of the Elders (Trigger etc) are remembering the lost ones. How do you think you will be remembered here and/or how would you like to be remembered here? What particualr post or event would you most like people to remembers of yours? Have you made any signigicant change to this site?


Oh, if I were to go, if I were to be sixty-four, there would be even more of a marked distortion from how I think of my role (if there are such things) here and how others choose to remember me.

Let me explain a bit, using my past at this site as an example.

I first visited this site in February 2000 but chose not to post anything until October 2000. When I did post, I already knew most of the ins and outs of the site and I fit in quickly and smoothly. I think some suspected I was another using a new SN, but I'm not for certain. I was known during the October-December 2000 period for making very deep and thoughtful posts. If someone expressed hurt of some sort, I usually was one of the ones offering consolation. It was in part due to this reputation that I think I attracted the attentions of a certain lovely lady here. And thus begins the second phase.

January 2001-May 2001. The King and Queen of Spam. Alana and I are really close friends, and before the times of ex and Avi and others here, we managed to elevate the art of the threadjack. We co-wrote three surveys that confused and amused people, in part because with few exceptions no one could tell which of us wrote which questions. We also were known for pranks in chat, switching passwords and SNs to talk as the other to people. It was fun, and it lasted up to the switch to the "new" format here.

May 2001-October 2001. More of a time of moving and being quiet. Things in our private lives led to Alana and I not posting as much, mainly because both of us were moving to separate Florida cities from our previous jobs in Tennessee and Georgia. I also experienced the wonders and joys of "downsizing" for the first time on Labor Day 2001, and I spent a while looking for work and wondering if it was all worth it. Many of my posts were either news-related or reposts of some poems/stories that I had written when I was struggling through a similar dark period a couple of years before.

October 2001-present. I've been an Admin since OF opened on October 22, 2001. My focus has shifted away from the people at this site even more and more toward some dreams and fears that I've had for a long while. I post at other sites than wotmania. I don't readily give suggestions like I used to in the past. I am just slowly withdrawing from active participation here. I am aging, and I am relearning what it means to be a child. I was almost broken by ghosts of my past joining with present worries, but while I am fighting that off, it doesn't leave energy to meet and greet people. I notice that people here just don't seem to have as much to say to me in their words as what used to be the case, despite the marked increase in volume. I suspect this will continue until I interact with the site about as much as Mike himself does these days, mostly in an "official" capacity.

As for what others will remember? Already they don't remember (except for a few "old-timers&quot me being a consoling agent, or my Partnership - in all thingsā„¢ with Alana, or anything else other than I head up OF and am an Admin who tends to idle/lurk in chat. There will not be a legacy here if/when I leave, for as I say in the title, it is all ephemeral. Like mist, it's fading already in the heat of a new day.


Illusions fall like the husk of a fruit, one after another, and the fruit is experience. - Narrator, Sylvie

OF Blog of the Fallen

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