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::blinks:: Paradox Bain - 20/01/2003 09:49:59 PM

Two days ago, I was talking to my mother on the phone. She comes off with, "You could have been a good person, if I hadn't messed up raising you."

I would have said, "I think I turned out pretty damn good for the way you raised me." Then I would have added right after that, "It's a shame your mother didn't do a better job raising you!"

C'mon, Kit! Put the smack down on yo momma!

Now, while this could seem to be a slam on her parental skills, it was most certainly a burn on me When I commented that I really wasn't that bad of a person, she recovered with: "Of course not, I'm not saying you are Ted Bundy, you just have the potential to be." How reassuring (note major amounts of sarcasm)

I would have said, "I thought you were Ted Bundy's Mother."

Then, yesterday, my loving daughter says to me, "Mom, I wish you were an elf, then you'd be pretty."


*blinks* Score: kids 1, mom 0

Nicholas pats my hand and says it's okay, only smart moms are really pretty.

"To your room, young man!"

*blink, blink* Score: kids 2, mom 0

We are making plans today to go to an indoor play structure, and I get (from son to daughter) "Do you think mom should take this book?" then (from daughter to son) "I think that one is too big for her to read all the words in."

"Oh really?"


Hugs his Pretty, Intelligent Twin Sister.

Paradox Bain
Kit's Twin
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How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

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