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I answered all the Survey Questions, and now I'm spent.... The Seeker of Truth - 23/01/2003 11:03:06 AM

1. Favourite book as a child
Goldbug - it was a silly 'Where's Waldo'-ish book.
2. Favourite fairy tale
Little Red Riding Hood - There has always been something disturbingly erotic about that fairy tale to me.
3. Favourite nursery rhyme
Humpty Dumpty - I was hard pressed to think of any other.
4. Favourite fantasy book
I'd never be able to pick, I've consumed all of Terry Brooks books, all of RJ's books, all of Stephen R. Donaldson's books, all of R.A. Salvatore's books, all of David Eddings books, all of Terry Goodking's books, the DragonLance Series, the ShadowRun series, ug ... too many. And I enjoy them all for different reasons.
5. Favourite non-fantasy book
Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills by Charles Henderson
6. Favourite non-fiction book
The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw
7. Favourite movie
*Tie* The Usual Suspects and Snatch
8. Favourite song ATM
Poem by Taproot
9. Favourite song of all time
Acoustic version of Atlanta by Stone Temple Pilots
10. Favourite fruit
Strawberries !! Strawberries !!
11. Favourite snack
Oreo Double Stuff Cookies (but only once every few months - too tasty and SO bad for you.)
12. Favourite dessert
13. Favourite chewing gum
14. Favourite vegetable
Cucumbers (any phallic or homosexuality jokes insert here...I realize this is going to take a hit.)
15. Favourite flower
As a guy I don't know how to answer this without seeming campy but, ... a Lotus?
16. Favourite plant
Anything that can survive my poorly managed plant care skills and stay green in my living room.
17. Favourite tree
Hit me with the dork stick, Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings. *grin*
18. Favourite perfume
Tommy Girl Ladies, if you have just a hint of this fragrance on and a guy doesn't try to grope you at every turn, there is something VERY wrong.
19. Favourite deodorant
Dry Idea Original No white flakes, no white marks, no stink, no sweat. It's a win/win scenario all the way around.
20. Favourite colour
Dark Blue, Dark Green, Grey, Black, Red ...awww hell, I like them all.
21. Favourite item of clothing
Baseball Hat (though I despise baseball, I like wearig Polo Baseball Hats), to quote Goldmember, "It's...ahhh...sorta my thing."
22. Favourite clothes shop
Polo and J. Crew
23. Favourite grocery shop
Wegman's (though no one has likely ever heard of it)
24. Favourite sports shop
Any place that sells Soccer gear.
25. Favourite jewellery shop
This is going to be Tiffany's for everyone isn't it?
26. Favourite department store
27. Favourite country
The United States of America (though I envy the European nations for their Soccer (football) Leagues.)
28. Favourite holiday (y’know one you’ve been on)
Cancun, Mexico 3 years ago. Talk about decadence. I think I was averaging about 37 minutes sleep per night. Naughty Naughty!!!
29. Favourite type of holiday (y’know like adventure, skiing, sunbathing etc)
Skiing in Killington, Vermont
30. Favourite place to hang out
Depends on the mood.
31. Favourite fast food place
32. Favourite ethnic cuisine (I think that is the term for it)
Italian and Thai
33. Favourite subject while you were (or still are) at school
Psychology (pseudo-science) and Economics
34. Favourite wotmaniac
Myself, I barely know anyone else here well enough to love them more then myself. *grin*
35. Favourite area of wotmania
Any message board post that makes me think, respond, and gets my blood pumping positively or negatively.
36. Favourite site admin
They're all quite good.
37. Favourite chat admin
See Above.
38. Favourite part of your house
The SHOWER!! Two opposing shower heads, nearly unlimited hot water, and a seat! Wake me in 45 minutes.
39. Favourite part of your bedroom
Well the bed clearly. To quote Tommy Lee, "That's where ALL the magic happens baby!"
40. Favourite part of your life
Family and Friends. Couldn't ask for a better bunch of people.

The Seeker Of Truth

"Gimme an Orange or a Grape! None of that stinkin' Root Beer!"

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