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The Perfect Thread. Perfect Dodge - 23/01/2003 12:12:32 PM

Good morning, afternoon and/or evening… and welcome to The Perfect Thread.

As you can see, this thread is just perfect; I even had to change my name lest it mar its perfection.
This thread has something for everyone! It is just the right amount of spam™ and even some on-topic. It relates to OF and the Games MB. You could say that this thread just belongs.

Let me just give you some examples, this thread has spam and talks of Quokkas. It has semi-spam and talks of life changing, not to mention important arguments, such as why Aviendha is so wonderful. It has high-class spam like the Ultimate thread. This thread <even talks of the big event of the last year; 10,000.

But, this perfect thread doesn’t stop there, no! It deals with real-life issues such as whether Rand will fake his death. It deals with Larry’s love, Erikson. The perfect thread speaks of war, PS2 Vs X-BOX, and a war that is seemingly over, WSS, RSO, ASI and the search for the holy flame. While in this catagory of perfection, this post would like to make explicitly clear that edge is the most perfect leader of the once perfect group, and that only his name being mentioned should radiate the perfection that is this post.

You’ll all be pleased to know that in its perfection, this thread deals with current events. It talks of America, Iraq, Israel and war. This thread even informs people facts for all of your days, and speaks of America’s stupidity with the law.

But what IMHO is the most perfect thing about this thread, is the way it deals with home and life. It deals with why we all come to wotmania, and what our favourite section(s) is/are. This perfect thread asks just the right amount of questions for a survey, do you have premium? How long have you had it? Who are your buddy’s?

Now, at this point, you are probably thinking, “Oh, flame me for a pigeon, this post doesn’t even talk of the elders who are permanently lurking by the coffee machine” well it does. In its perfection, this post relates to all; noobs and elders alike. It even talks of the minorities like pirates, ninjas and DISCIPLES.

Can you even think of any thread that is this perfect? I think not.

What could possibly make this thread more perfect? Any suggestions are welcome. And dudes, I expect everyone that is viewing this read to bow down in awe of its utter righteousness, and high-class sweetness.

Yours in his perfectness


P.S How awesomely sweet is this sig?!

- The one who dodges art -

Warder to no one
Endorsed by no one
Married to no one
Admired by no one
Member of the Dodge™ fan club.

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