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coolio like a cheerio man *NM* Sargon of Akkad - 24/01/2003 11:01:44 PM

As edited by Pento McGreno

Okay, so I was too bored to write my own announcement. So, I'll just edit Nebhead's.

A new version has just been uploaded, with the awesome funky coolness of "Socials".

Just type in what the social is (for example .laugh)

and the following will appear:

Nebhead laughs

Now, type in .laugh [object] (eg people)

and the following appears:

Nebhead laughs at People

You can also .laugh [username] (eg Pento McGreno)

and .laugh me

In the case of laughing, there is no difference between the object and the username, but many socials do have 4 different outcomes.

Some other examples include .anime

(Nebhead does a super-powerful move that takes five times as long to charge up as it does to fire.)

and .boot Pento McGreno

(Nebhead yells "BOOT TO THE HEAD!!" *woosh* *thwack!* Pento McGreno grunts and falls down, clutching his head.)

You may want to set your gender in your profile, as some Socials do make use of it.

A couple of other things, for the Admins (because I'm too lazy to Noteboard them all), is kicking with a reason. You use it as follows:

/kick username/reason


/kick Paul/He smells like cheese

will produce:

Paul has disconnected (BOOT: Pento McGreno) (Reason: He smells like cheese)

You can also do "lazy kicking". You just have to type enough of the name to make it recognisable from any other, and the person will be booted. ie, "/kick Pento Mc" is the same as typing "/kick Pento McGreno". (You'll still get an error message. )

And there've been a few bugfixes.

So, everyone enjoy the new sparkly chat

Sargon of Akkad
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