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MI 2004 Gathering FAQ [Updated: 8/15/04] Birdeye - 21/04/2004 04:36:30 PM

The Michigan 2004 Gathering is almost here. I've started this FAQ to give you all an easy place to refer to for any questions you might have. You might wanna save it to your favorites.

Okay people, we are getting down to the wire now. This information is accurate to my knowledge. If you are confused about something, let us know immediatly. It's not impossible that I've made a mistake, or that something simply wasn't communicated to me for me to add.

Where is this gathering located?

Detroit area. Oakland county to be more specific.

When is it?

Monday August 16th through Sunday August 22nd.

Where can I stay?

Free lodging is almost completely filled up. The following people have it reserved. If you are not on this list, expect to be paying for your own lodging.

Amy's Place

Mysteries (Gaidin, Lady, Peanut, Neice)
Eyeless Myrddraal
mary jane

Kit's Place

Master Qui_John
Missa Sedai
M&M Maddy

If you want free lodging, you're asking a little late now. If you thought you already had arrangements made, but are not listed above, send me an NB with the name of whoever you had gotten a place to stay. I will contact said person, to verify and then put yer name on the list.

Where else can we stay?

If you plan on staying the whole week and want a hotel, the Extended Stay Auburn Hills is probably the cheapest choice.

Go to that link to see the info page that came up when I put in the dates & info. Check it out to see if you think it works for you.


Pontiac Lake Campground
(select it from the drop down boxes to read the specific page)

We are letting people make reservations on their own, as there is little overall interest in the camping for us to try to coordinate it as a group.

The following people are planning to camp (as of right now):

Mother of Pearl

Here is a map of the grounds. Note that the lake requires a walk along some trails to reach from the campground.

Here is the related post on camping:


Finally you can stay at the hotel Amy found near her place. The following is quoted from her post on it:

OK Folks, I just found out that the weekend of our gathering is also the Woodward Dream Cruise. This is good news for those of you that LOVE old cars. It's bad news for those of you who wait till the last minute to book your room. People come here from all over the country (and world I hear) to come to this event.

The moral of the story?

Book early.

I've attached a link to a Motel 6, that I went to, to make sure was clean. It's in a good area, and is about 5 miles from my house (all highway I might add). The room costs about $50 for two, and the costs go up as do the number of people. </Amy>

It costs about $5-$10 more to go from 2 people to 4 people staying in a room. Plan accordingly.


I'm flying in, which airport do I use, and how do I get to where other people are?

Detroit Metro: DTW

We will have various airport runners who will be picking people up as they fly in. We don't plan on driving people anywhere they wanna go anytime, but we can get you from the airport, to wherever you are staying, and then back to the airport again if you tell us when you are coming and going.

Current Runners:

Palatine - Late Monday

What we gonna eat?

Check out this post for details

Here is a summary though:

Breakfasts - this is looking like cereal, eggs, toast..etc

Lunches are going to be - sandwiches. Now, this is only on the days we are still at "home" at lunch time. We didn't plan out the "days" only the evenings, but there are lots of things to do during the days, and if you want to do anything in particular while here, please be sure to let amy/sheila know.

For dinners, see each day just below.

What are we going to be doing?


Monday August 16

Arrival Day

They day of people arriving. Nothing big planned. Most people will just want to unwind from long driving or jet lag.

Dinner: Spagetti - salad, garlic bread, veggies - Amy's house

Tuesday August 17

Ozzfest 2004 featuring Ozzy Osbourne

9:00 AM ET DTE Energy Music Theatre BUY!
Tickets at $72.75 reserved and $48.25 lawn are on sale now. Price includes $3 parking fee.

If you want to go to the Ozzfest, it can certainly be arranged, and then you could could certainly meet us in OH the next day for a Day at the Park.

Those currently planning to attend this are:


Dinner: Taco Party - Amy's house

Wednesday August 18
Cedar Point

If you are planning to come to CP, make sure you are listed in the post mentioned just below.

Cedar Point is an amusement park, with some of the best roller coasters in the world. There are other attractions as well. See for more details.

The park is located in Sandusky, Ohio...close to 150 miles from the Gathering.

Cost: Roughly $35 to get in. Plan to bring money for food and other stuff.

See this post for more info and a list of those attending:

Thursday August 19
Casino/Night Club night

This will be held locally so we dont really need advance notice if you plan to participate in this event. Cost? However much you want to blow I would imagine. Drinking age: 21

Thursday is mostly a free day. No real concrete plans. Some people may start arriving on this day.

Dinner: we were thinking of going out - still undecided

Friday August 20
Welcome Wotmaniacs Night

Currently this is what is planned on Friday night for those of you that are coming down. Basically it will be hang out time for everyone.

Dinner: Pizza night at Sheila's. If you plan on eating, we will all be splitting the cost here, I'm thinking about 5-7 per person for pizza and pop. You want beer? Bring it.

Saturday August 21
Ren Fest

Renaissance Festival trip will be held Saturday. If you are driving in just for a single day, this is probably the day to do it.

See site for details.
Cost: $17 at the gate.

Dinner: BBQ at Amy's place - Chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, Bratwurst, salads. If you want beer, please bring it.

Sunday August 22

It's clean up day. Sunday is the day we clean up, and pack up and just about everyone goes home.

How much money should I bring?

It is going to depend largely on how fast you can burn through money. I plan on taking perhaps $200-300 plus whatever I need for admission to the events I wanna go to. How much you bring will depend on how much you want to spend.

Why haven't I heard about this before?

You live in a cave. No, seriously, this has been talked about so much, I'm suprised we haven't gotten more complaints about so many posts about it.

I think I wanna come, but dont know who else will be there.

Below are three different lists. The first is of those that, as of our most recent knowledge, have said they are coming. The second is those that want to come, but still are unsure if they can. The final list is those deadbeats that didn't respond to my NB asking them for confirmation. We don't know anything about thier plans at the moment.

People coming:

Ken son of Ken son of Ken
M & M Maddy
Mystery Gaidin
Lady Mystery
& Peanut & Niece
Eyeless Myrddraal
Master Qui_John
Missa Sedai
Mother of Pearl
sexy qween
mary jane
Taardad Maiden

Mabye people:


Unknown intentions:


What info do you need from me?

Your Name
Your Wotmania Name
Your email address
Your phone number
Your date and time of arrival
Your date and time of departure
Where you intend to stay (so we know how to contact you)
Any questions you might have

Above all we need your email, in case wotmania crashes again. You can either NB it to Amyrlin or Birdeye or email it to Amy at

Your personal info will NEVER be shared outside of us three who are directly planning this.

I need an excuse to get off from work, any ideas?

Tell your boss you need to attend the Wedding of the Year. See Maddy's post below for details.

This FAQ will be periodically updated as new questions are asked, and answers are found.


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