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My explanations of my picks. Night_Walker - 21/04/2004 05:45:10 PM

So long as my Wings win you can brag all you want, but even if I get them all I see no reason to brag, I mean there just picks, or well thats what they are to me.

Explanation of my picks:
I don't think the Flames can stand up to the Wings, especially after they figured out how to score again. The Wings will win the first 3 but then they will set back and lose the forth game in Calgary, but finish them off in Detroit

The Ave's are hot and rolling, I think they might sweep the Sharks but if they don't they get it in 7. I honestly don't think the sharks can put up the same offense that the Ave's will, though it will go all seven I think the Ave's will pull it out.

The Leaf's game is the one I don't know about, if they play like they want it they'll take down the Flyers who are thinking this is gonna be a pushover game, but if they play like they did in game 6, the forget about it.

The Lighting are just good, I really don't think there is any way in hell the Canadians can stop them at all, unless the Lighting's plane crashes or something.

Edit: Spelling...both times...grrrrr

Lord of the Frying Pan!

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