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Stupid Answers. Druegan - 22/04/2004 11:50:26 AM

1. What’s the capital of Oslo?


2. How many legs on a snake?

Two, unless I have my axe handy.

3. How do you roll a drunk down a mountain?

Throw his beer down in front of him.

4. Who lights the sun?

Helios. He's a bit of a pyro.

5. Who is the true lord?

Yer lookin at him bubs...

6. Do you eat animal testicles?


7. Do you like banana split?


8. Have you read a book?


9. Have you got a TV?

I had one.. I gave it away. They're evil.

10. Do you have access to a computer?

I am one with the data flow.

11. Am I holy if I can walk on H2O?

No, but you're probably a skinny bastard...

12. Would you like to date a fish?

No thanks.. some of the women I've dated smelled too much like em as it was...

13. How many spelling Faults can you find in this survey?

Probably quite a few, if I bothered to look.

14. How many grammatical errors?

see above.

15. Do you have high morals?

no, just strange ones.

16. When will the Martians land?

the martians? never. they're dead. I saw em die. The whole bloody world.. horrid thing, that. Other aliens are already here though.. and have been for a looong time.

17. How do get a drunk up on a mountain?

Drag his beer up first.

18. What is moral?

A pretty picture people like to paint on the walls of their consciousness.

19. Why is life unfair to you?

It isn't unfair to me any more than the forge is unfair to the sword.

20. Why am I doing this?

you're bored.

Another kind of question:

21. This might be stupid to ask but I have a vague memory you could post something on Wotmania a long time ago without having an account. Could you? And what could you post (was it comments on the quick poll or posts on the message board or something else if it was anything)?

No clue. Haven't been around that long.

The stupid questions end for now.

Thank you
No, thank you.


He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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