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Aemon - 24/04/2004 12:38:32 AM

So, I wondered when I'd get to make one of these.

This is my very own "Got-in-a-major-car-wreck-but-am-fine-and-have-nothing-else-to-say" post. Seems there have been a lot of them lately. How fun to have one that's all mine.

Anyway, there's really not much more to this post. I was riding home from soccer with this girl I know, and we were talking and all, and out of nowhere this car comes into our lane and smashes the left hand side of our car. Spun us around and put us in a ditch, and COMPLETELY totalled the left hand side of the car. The police told us they would be very surprised if it was salvageable at all. Door crumpled, twisted metal everywhere, tire horizontal, window sprayed all over us, no sign that a mirror ever existed, etc.

But yeah, again, we're both fine and all that. Turns out that the guy who hit us was drunk, (carted off to jail pretty quick, actually) and the police could tell from the skid marks that we were definitely in our lane and all that, so that's all great. I just feel really sorry for this girl about her car, because it was in perfect shape and was a great car, but it's insurance value is only around 4k or so, so there's really no way she can replace it. On the plus side though, I get my license in about two weeks and do have a car I can drive, so maybe she'll be riding with me from now on. . .

Huh. So I guess that's about it for the few of you who read this to the end. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that, especially since neither of us was hurt, I just needed something to keep me busy after I got home. It's weird how that happens. I got home, walked around the kitchen three or four times, got some juice, threw away a stray popsicle stick, got some more juice, took my shoes off, got some gum. . .I don't think I stopped moving till I sat down here.

Heh, so that's my excitement for the night. Hope your nights went a bit better than mine. Although again, looking on the positive side for a brief but important moment, my soccer team MAULED the other side, around 19-3.

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