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Hi, Welcome (Tips for the New) S.A.A. - 25/04/2004 10:05:03 PM

The "S.A.A. Welcome" ™

Welcome to Wotmania.

I am a member of S.A.A. (Social Assistance Association) and I am a friend in a Vast group of people, some friendly like me some not so friendly. I have some advice that might help you out while you are here.

1. If you need any help Ask a friend Via Note board (hold mouse over the Your Account part of the Navigation Bar then click on note board send a new note to your Friend) until you get some more I (Mat Maniac or another Member of Saa) will be your first friend .

2. *NM* means "no message" is auto added to any post without anything typed in the message part.

3. The Community Board is for Random non WoT/Games/Other Fantasy related stuff

4. The WoT board is for strictly the books and other related things

5. The OF board is for discussion on other Fantasy series

6. The Games board is for discussion of Games (board games, computer games, console games, etc.)

7. The Writers MB is for the writers at wotmania who want to post work (stories, poems etc.) or discuss their work posted other places within wotmania. post work or discuss their work posted other places within wotmania.

8. ROFL means "roll on floor laughing, LOL means Laughing Out Loud, and BGOMF means "Big Grin On My Face" b/c people look at you funny when you start laughing at a computer screen.

9. RAFO means “Read And Find Out” RJs favorite answer to questions he does want to answer

10. Premium accounts are cool and they help pay for the site (Mike does not make any money from Wotmania)

11. wSE points (Wotmania Stock Exchange Points) are a type of basically useless Wotmania currency check the wSE main page ("Stock Exchange" link in the wotmania info box ) for more details.

12. Theory Post has alot of great stuff on it so check it out and put comments on the Black board

13. Chat is something some people enjoy to but sometimes it can be scary (especially when there are no Chat Admins in there)

14. Never, EVER, fake a tragic event post about yourself or anyone else so as to get people’s attention and play on people's emotions here. This community is above that and does not accept it.

15. Wotmania is a great place and if you dont let the people who grow tired of helping the continual flow of New members get to you it should be a great experience for you and you will be addicted in no time.


This set of tips is a registered set of Tips owned by "Mat Maniac" and other members of "SAA" and may not be used or altered except in the express use of helping the new members of Wotmania.


We're here to help

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