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just accept the fact that you have dif ideas and move on *NM* aliena - 27/04/2004 01:33:31 AM

So, I have this conversation:

me: so, altruism just isn't good any more?

her: no

me: and we should just do what feels good and makes us rich?

her: we should do what makes us happy

her: u can't judge people juss b/c they like doing something

her: like being fashionable or non-fashionable

her: everyone should have the right to be happy

me: and yet people are judged when they're not fashionable

me: unfashionable people are looked down on, as not "cool"

her: well i'm not the one judging them badly i could care less what people wear, but dressing fashionably is something i like doing

me: ugh...things need to change around the world

her: yea our socitey needs to change peoples morals need to change

her: and when i grow up i wanna be famous and help do that

me: being famous is bad

me: if famous people were truly good, they wouldn't be rich

her: being famous is only bad if u potray urself badly and don't have strong faith or strong morals

me: *sigh*

me: you don't get it! people around the world are dying, sick, and unhappy, and you and your ilk are so self-obsessed!

her: that's y u do what makes u happy

her: and i care bout other people that's y i wanna help the socitey sooooo

me: how can you do anything to make yourself happy when every day is a struggle for survival?

me: against hunger, disease, not having fresh water, no shelter...when americans sit around b*tching as if they have it bad

her: u can still live it to the fullest u can

me: no you bloody well can't!

her: in fact i would never say i had it bad

me: when you're laying emaciated on the dirt, dying from aids and thirst and hunger, you can't live life at all happily

me: there is none of that "life to the fullest" sh*t

her: yes there is

her: and juss b/c ur a smartass and u think u no everything u don't and everyone has the power to be happy

Never have I more wanted to punch someone...

Rainbow Ajah
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