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This is possibly the worst argument for a good idea I've ever seen. CalmB4theStorm - 27/04/2004 01:57:12 AM

While I completely agree with the irrationality of the double standard when it comes to breast baring, this is a horrible horrible argument for it.

First, the tone of the essay is exactly the "femi-nazi" attitude that is ridiculed and dismissed by many immediately. The only people who will actually finish reading this is the people that agree with the issue to some extent. "Preaching to the choir" as it were.

Second, the author uses completely ridiculous arguments to try to eliminate this double standard. The problem is not how breasts of "certain size shall be deemed unaesthetic" or any similar reason, it is the conception that women's breasts are sex organs and men's are not. And perhaps rightfully so.

Men's breasts are completely useless and only exist because women need them, while we all know (or should at least) women's breats are far more functional. Women and men are fundamentally different in some respects, and if we choose to make one of these areas where the difference is apparent taboo, then a double standard is inevitable. In the end, we are forced to choose between equality and the deep seated tradition that is our society's standards. And of course, societal standards, even ridiculous ones, nearly always win.

Perhaps it is not possible to demand equality when nature forces fundamental differences on us. Not all persons are created equal in every respect. However, if we believe that all persons should be treated equally under the law, then laws such as this should be the first be eradicated.

But the process for doing this is quite difficult as long as society believes that they are just laws. Many women don't feel that they should bare their breasts in public even if they think this is unjust (a challenge for those women who have read this far: take off your shirt and bra and go walk down the street for a few minutes). As long this attitude prevails there will not be any change as female breasts will always be sexual objects, and the ban on displaying said objects is a very old taboo indeed.

So basically, I'm telling all women to take off their shirts. Except hopefully, this time I won't get slapped.

"Ask her to wait a moment — I am almost done."
-- Gauss, when told, while working, that his wife was dying.

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