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Forgive me..... BUT I have news...... Di-new - 28/04/2004 04:49:14 AM

I know I haven't been around much, busy with kids school holidays and packing.

I sat my exam last Friday for the Steps course.
I was so so scared... sure I have mentioned that before.
And when the teacher mentioned butterflies she was sure we would be feeling... and brought out a box of tissues... I knew I was in the right place. This lady knew how we were all feeling she had seen it before....
I got all teary but didn't have to go out the front for a tisse... (is proud ) lol

Anyway I got 17 1/2 outa 20 for the maths test. I could not believe I rememebered algebra let alone ratio after 22 years lol
The english was hard. 3 questions and all I could see was three blank pages! I ended up with 7 1/2 outa 10.

I had the interview yesterday. The lady was just so lovely and put me right at ease.
Me being so slow there was alot of hints that she threw at me... about getting in. BUT I am slow...
Do you like Di or Diane she said.... "Di" I answered.
We will be sure to call you Di during the course she said....
When talking about my families support I got all teary and mentioned how I was close to grabbing a tissue during her talk to us that first day. She laughed and joked that I would have to bring my own box during the course as the uni doesn't supply them....
Then she told me....
I am an ideal candidate for this course.
I did cry then. I never been an ideal candidate for anything...

She asked me if I was an emotional person to which I replied yes... but with recent events I am more teary than I usually am. And that this had meant so much to me for a long time.

She then asked me....
If I would during the heros talk they do. If I would talk about how I over come adversity.
I can't tell you guys how much all this has meant to me.

She then shook my hand and said she would see me at oriention day 2 July.

Thanks to so many of you.
Your support ya love.
Your offers of help.
and your friendships.
There aren't enough words.

but thankyou.


she had so many children she didn't know what to do

It was just a book bag but it changed my life.

*the love.... you take it with you* RIP Kory

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Forgive me..... BUT I have news...... - 28/04/2004 04:49:14 AM 207 Views
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