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Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and NY Times...all because of you!

I don't necessarily think settling a civil dispute out of court is a bad thing. So much money is tied up in civil court cases that could be redirected.

However, there is something that was said by Ali that I found interesting.

"Muslim minorities living in non-Muslim countries like Canada are like wandering Bedouins," he wrote. "Although they are free to live according to the Divine Law to practice their faith unhindered in their homes" and mosques, he said, "they have practically no say in the making of the laws of the land and governmental institutions do not cater to their needs."

Don't the people have a vote on the making of laws (or at least the people they vote into office to make the laws) in Canada? Last time I checked, I thought that's how it worked.

I would be the most concerned for the impact this may have on women living under this law. It was stated this would be a voluntary participation thing, but I don't know. If Hogben and Hoodfar state that they are concerned with it, and they are both educated Muslim women, then that would be of concern to me.

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