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I'll give my cliched response subject line: Hmm... The Voice of Lews Therin - 30/04/2004 01:36:20 PM

so Angels and Demons is inaccurate, then. I was beginning to wonder whether it was just me, and I was just ignorant of a lot of things that he knew.
Wildly inaccurate. As melambra pointed out, it misportrays Italy in a lot of ways. As some Harvard friends pointed out, it misrepresents Harvard. There were no Illuminati like the ones he describes (he invented the story, in other words). The old word for assassin is "hashishim" not "hassassin" and every time I saw the latter word I hated it.

where on earth did you get that book?! I want one too...
It is a reprint of the book made in the late 1980s. It's hard to find but a guy I know has about twelve copies he was unable to sell. If you're really interested I can find out if he still has some and you could pay via PayPal or something. They weren't that expensive. The book is very, very weird, though.

I agree that there are no interesting female characters, now that you mentioned it, but I really had not noticed it. I tend to find the men most interesting in his books, though, and I don't feel that the book is lacking for it. He should perhaps have kept them out of the book... I agree that Amparo was annoying.
Remember how I said I stopped reading "halfway through" ? Well, it wasn't really halfway through; it was when he was in Brazil with Amparo.

I love this. Even in Island of the Day before, when he lost himself in the description of ships, I was somewhat put off at first, but then found myself just ...umm... savouring the words. It is like a hughe dish with lots of cream and good things, which you can only have so much of before oyu have to stop, but which tastes heavenly.
One man's dessert is another man's indigestion.

I was quite disappointed at the ending at first. But I tend to be like that. I want the conspiracy to be true, and no common sense to enter it. But the more I think about it, I like the ending. It did not really fit the rest of the book, I agree, but it highlighted how ...ummm, I am not sure whether I can explain this... it showed how these people were desperate for something that was not there. And in a way it fit the rest of the book, in that you had begun to believe what it said, and hence reacted somewhat the same to the lack of a revelation as they would... hmmm. I may be talking nonsense here. It is hard to explain what I mean.
I appreciate your point and can see why people feel that way. However, I felt let down because it was almost as if he was trying to say that looking for a subtext in things is pointless because it isn't really there, and if it is there it's because you're crazy like the cultists. There WAS something weird going on in Europe with the Rosicrucians on the eve of the Thirty Years' War. There HAVE been books written with the express idea of hiding real meanings through gematria, temura and notariqon. Yet, after finishing the book, Eco seemed to say that it was all just a pile of crap. I don't like that. Nothing means anything. There is no point to any of it...

blasphemy! You can't mention Jordan and Eco in the same sentence!!!

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The Voice of Lews Therin

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