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hmmm wads - 13/04/2004 08:20:24 PM

...why am i so shallow and perverted?


so, i was reading a news magazine today. (time fyi) and i saw a picture of some american soldiers in an article about iraq. and i thought to myself, "huh. not one of them is hot." ('cause, believe me, i always notice when men are hot. ) and that got me to thinking back. when the war first started i'd see all kinds of very fine-looking troops in magazines and on the tv. i mean, back then, i was totally thinking that i'd happily send those boys off to war with a smile on their faces. johnny comes marching home again, indeed. but, now, its like they're not showing the good-looking ones anymore. was this false advertising before? advertising intended to lure the gay male populace into supporting the war effort? if it was, i must say, bravo! i was totally on board. but now i'm like, what gives? you need to sell this war to me some more. enough with the plain looking guys, i want some hotties! i might could even vote for gw again if only i could see some more hot soldiers parading around again all sweaty and stuff. yea.

I wonder if there is any actual basis to this, as in selling the war by using good looking people.


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