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My $.02 Druegan - 15/04/2004 12:19:57 AM

I've been re-reading a very interesting book by Carl E. Olson, Will Catholics be "Left Behind"?: A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers and am finding a lot of it to be quite intriguing. So here are a few questions here for people:

1. Do you believe in the Rapture?
I believe in Rapture.. that's a chocolate covered orgasm, right? oh.. you're talking that Jesus thing... Nope.. don't believe in it...

2. Why or why not?

Um, the whole salvation idea is nothing but a myth of apocalyptic literature. That includes the rediculous notion that you "must have Jesus". Sorry, Divinity isn't such a thing that any bunch of fundamentalist idiots can corner the market of them.

3. If you answered yes to #1, are you a Pre-Tribulation(it'll happen before seven years of horrible stuff) or Mid-Tribulation (3.5 years in)?

Even though I didn't answer yes to #1.. In the time of trial to come (yes, there is one.) it may be possible for humans who are enlightened enough to transcend this particular earth-scenario to another one, thereby escaping the crap to come.. but... Those who can and are inclined to can pretty much do so at any time, and many of those who can are going to stay to try and help out others.. as we do evolve through service at such points...

4. Do you know who is credited with starting the modern Rapture movement?

Some fundie nutball.

5. If you answered no to #1, do you believe in the Parousia of Christ (Second Coming)?

No. If Jesus came again, the first thing he'd do is kick the crap out of his followers for all the garbage they're doing in his name. But the Christ is not a man. It is a state wherein Kenosis is achieved in the reverse to its common understanding.. where a man empties himself of fear, of ego, and the limitations which make him human and becomes as a clear window for the light of the Divine to shine through him unimpeded.

6. The Left Behind series: a lot of truth mixed in with the fictional account or a lot of dangerous bunk that undermines Christianity?

LaHaye is a freak. So is his wife. It's crap, but hey, if it undermines Christianity, more the better.

7. (Because I know some will want to say it anyways ): Is all of the above a bunch of hooey and not worth believing, whether it's Rapture stuff or Christianity in general?

Yes and no. Dogmatic religion is the ultimate corruption of what ALL the spiritual teachers have come to say. The message of divinity is to KNOW SPIRIT.. nothing to do with rules, norms, social conventions, etc.. As soon as it is formalized, dogmatized, it becomes an institution, and like all institutions, seeks only to perpetuate itself and extend its influence. Basically, if one wants to know what "God" wants, they should talk to him their damn self and quit letting somebody else lead them around by the nose.

8. Those Rapture bumper stickers:

a) I laugh when I read them, then shake my head in disbelief

b) I smile and agree with the sentiment

c) I proudly display one on my car

d) What the hell is a Rapture?

e) Make me want to vomit in their sunroof on a hot summer day while they're whoring themselves to wal-mart.

9. Should the Apocalypse of John/Revelations be viewed literally or metaphorically?

Metaphorically, and from a great distance. Keep a bulls**t shovel handy, and wear a clothespin for the stink.

Bah, I'll just stop at 9 and see what answers are given. I just hope that people can agree or disagree civilly, but is that asking for too much here?

Probably asking too much.. but hey, that's half the fun.


He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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