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I live in Atlanta aerocontrols - 09/04/2004 11:19:02 AM

Seriously. I am so annoyed. I just attended a deposition where the expert witness for the other side was the biggest spluttering moron. I told my boss of my incredulity that this fellow had been selected as the witness, and he said, he was not stupid, but just a southerner. (From Atlanta). Now, being from Texas myself, I know we Southerners are not dumb... SO LET'S not SOUND DUMB!!!! Seriously. I thought if he said PACIFICALLY when be meant specifically ONE MORE TIME I would strangle him. I think I showed remarkable restraint in NOT killing him. There were too many witnesses. *grumble*

If you are a southerner, like me, have some respect. Try not to sound retarded. Please.

I'm not from here, though. One thing about people is that some of them are smart, and some of them aren't. People from Atlanta don't seem to me to be less intelligent than average, although, like everwhere else, one can find less than intelligent individuals.

That having been said, if I were the type to extrapolate from one example to the population at large, you might have done damage to my impression that southerners are more polite than average.

Really, Bridget... what's up with this post?


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