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A soccer game. Hmm! What a novel idea. Aemon - 19/04/2004 12:59:41 PM

Schooools, out, for summer!

Shaddup you. I still have another couple weeks to go, and I need to take a course or two over the summer to make my college app a bit more attractive. I don't want to hear about your freedom.

Okay, that latter one isn't true, but it might be fun to envision it. Hold on while I check. Hmmm. Hmmm. Right, so yes, it is fun to think about.

It certainly is.

Today marked my last day of exams, and overall they went by without too much difficulty. The only real hard spot I had to go through was my three exams in 24 hours. That was tough. But luckily, only 24 hours, so it was over before I knew it. For those who care, as few as you may be, my exams were on the topics that follow: Canadian History; History of Modern Japan - From Tokugawa times to Present; Romantic Gothic Literature - The Novel; and World Masterpieces - Post Bible era.

*blinks* You survived that? . . . . .wow. Must be the shock just hasn't kicked in yet. Mark my words, that stuff will make a raving madman out of you yet.

So, I don't have any real plans for the summer... or, considering it is April, for the spring either. I suppose I'll just be working at the pool and on the beaches, like usual. While fun, I'd like to get away for a break. But, I know I won't. I'll save up money for school, and the exhorbant sums I will undoubtably spend on clothes, food, and parties. (Don't you make fun of my 3000 dollars, Matt)

Well you see, on the one hand I want to make fun. . .but on the other hand, I only have a little more than that to my name, and I've been working like five months or so. I'd love to have that kind of money to spend, even if it was blown on worthless stuff.

Since last summer I have really grown into the person I believed I would. I have learned much, have become more outgoing, kind, and aware of issues I never even thought of before. And in part, this is as a result of my time spent at Wotmania. One of the key things my visits here has done for me has to educate me on world issues and political matters I previously had no knowledge of. Of course, it is also due to personal growth, but I do not wish to diminish the impact the site had in that regard.

It is good for that, I'll admit. But I haven't really gotten much out of that aspect of the site. Nearly every last political post made here is almost directly contrary to my own opinions, so I tend to stay out of most of the discussions.

I've branched out and begun speaking to more diverse members around here, and generally speaking my mind instead of not saying anything. I have pulled some pranks (some of which most of you still don't know about, tee hee) and have tried to become more of a respectable poster. Sure I still head off into threadjacking sometimes, but if you've a problem with that, I'm afraid you're just going to have to deal with it. Actually, I'm not afraid, just do it. Kinda like a Nike commercial.

Respectable poster. Ha!

I've had some spats with a few posters here, and I am not sorry for them. I may regret the rashness of some of the words, but not the message implicit behind them. But on the other hand, I've come to know a few 'maniacs moreso than ever before, and it more than makes up for the negitives. Some of you I dislike, and never will like, but the majority of you have made Wotmania a nice place to kill a few hours while bored. You are the ultimate aids in procrastination--like a partner really. A partner who never says "Not tonight, I've a headache," but is always available with the click of a button, and a keystroke or two. While I wouldn't meet the vast majority of people here (don't take as an insult, I just don't do that) there are people that make me think sometimes it would be nice to see their real-life selves.

Somehow I can't exactly be happy with you comparing me to one of your. . .*ahem* partners.

Some of you I admire, some of you I respect, and some of you I enjoy the company of. For example: As much as I poke fun (and they do back) I know that Wads and Snoopster would be great to hang out with for a time, and go drinking with. As odd and quirky as he is, Greg (Chorabliss) would be really cool to go see some cultural stuff with, like a play. Matt would be fun to go to a sporting event with, like a soccer game, just to throw that out there as a random sport. Jess would be fun to go to dinner with, as well as Glo, among others.

Soccer would indeed be fun. I'd learn you good on that wonderful sport. But I'm afraid you can't have Jess. She's coming with me to. . .uh, a volleyball game! Yeah. She's taken.

What sort of plans do you have for the summer?

I have two plans, and I'm not sure which is actually going to happen yet. One is awful and boring, the other is awesome. On the one hand, I might be going to Maine for the whole summer with the family (we go there every year. Boring as anything you can imagine. . .). On the other hand, I might be allowed to stay here in North Carolina by myself for the entire summer. An entire house, and two months, to myself. That would be beyond awesome.

But yeah, if I stay here, I'll just be hanging out with friends, working a little more, and taking a couple school classes that I need to complete.

Exciting, no?

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