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The Left-Handed Post: V.1 Alfheim - 20/04/2004 11:06:17 AM

At least one person in ten is left handed.

....It is often said that left-handed people tend to be more creative, more imaginative, than right handed people, which might explain why Leonardo Michaelangelo and Raphael were all left handed.

...... Doesn't necessarily explain why Gerald Ford is left-handed though:

"Jerry's the only man I ever knew who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time." - Lyndon Johnson
G. Ford: "Lemme see now... first you chomp, then you stomp? &$@$!! Or is it?"

Throughout history left-handers have enjoyed periods of equal rights:
This is true in writing....

........didn't feel they had to write left or right.
h ......
e ......
p......w......left or right
t.................up or down.

The Greeks wrote Broustrophedon style, with each line alternating down the page like an ox plowing a field:
.......First line left to right,
.......,tfel ot thgir enil txen
..then another left to right

People of Wotmania, I present to you the,

The Left Handed Manifesto

Be it resolved that all LEFT-thinking citizens, mindful that their birth-LEFT has been denied them, shall henceforth shand up for their LEFTS! We call upon each one of them to support this bill of LEFTS, and specifically to...
Karl Marx: Boy, and they thought I was a leftist.

Buy Left: Buy an English car and get a left-handed gearshift, for free! *cheesy thumbs up into camera*

Patronize Left: Purchase only the works of left-handers.

Play Left: Return baseball (which favors lefties) to its pre-eminence as the Great American pastime!

And most importantly,

Act Left: Don't knuckle under! You've made enough adjustments. Eat left, let the other people at counters worry about your elbow for a change. Relax left, if you can't find a left-handed tool for the job, forget about it. Write left, write backwards! No one can read it, and with some practice you'll find it's actually easier for you. Stand up against the oppressive Right-devils!

Coming Soon, to a theatre near you: The Natural Superiority of the Left-hander

On an island where no one lives,
We build a treehouse together.


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