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Yeah, I suppose he's an exception that does get significant character development... Legolas Send a noteboard - 01/07/2010 10:10:07 AM
but a rather depressing form of it. I found myself really jaded about it to be honest, and not caring very much. The break between Toc and Tool could have been poignant, but I found Tool's change so stupid that it left me a bit cold.

You're definitely right about the theme of evil cultures. Although as far as the K'Chain Che'Malle go, it's a bit ironic that right after it has been established the KCCM might be good after all (then again, most of the KCCM we'd seen in earlier books were undead, so it's not like the live ones had really been depicted as evil before, other than fighting that war against the Tiste Andii-Tiste Edur alliance in the prologue to Midnight Tides, but even there they are merely defending themselves), we get the attack of the evil K'Chain Nah'ruk. Kind of feels like the enemy has only shifted after all. Sure, there's a few remarks about how they'd been cruelly oppressed for so long and have some justification for their belligerence, but those felt like half-hearted excuses.

In the same vein, I found it interesting, but rather odd to say the least, how the Bolkando kingdom went from monstrously evil to mostly good. In the early scenes involving the Chancellor and "Conquestor", it's at least strongly suggested that Queen Abrastal and her daughters are manipulative and cruel like the Chancellor and Conquestor themselves. Then as soon as Abrastal and Felast show up themselves, they're shown to be mostly good. Bizarre.
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Erikson's Dust of Dreams (no real spoilers) - 01/07/2010 12:21:07 AM 4891 Views
Excellent review. Strengthens my resolve to reread at least part of TtH before starting. Thanks. *NM* - 01/07/2010 02:08:40 AM 895 Views
You don't need to reread TtH, actually. Reaper's Gale is much more relevant. - 01/07/2010 09:44:43 AM 1143 Views
But I didn't like Reaper's Gale. *NM* - 02/07/2010 02:30:01 AM 654 Views
I feel your pain, then. *NM* - 02/07/2010 09:46:24 AM 638 Views
Good review, thanks! *major spoilers* - 01/07/2010 05:34:59 AM 1354 Views
Yeah, I suppose he's an exception that does get significant character development... - 01/07/2010 10:10:07 AM 1637 Views
What enraged me was the blatantly sexist treatment of... (Spoilers!) - 01/07/2010 06:09:21 AM 1753 Views
Yes, that was the main thing I was getting at with the "strong stomach" comment. - 01/07/2010 09:58:14 AM 1671 Views
The thing is... - 01/07/2010 04:51:22 PM 1255 Views
I keep hearing about this 'Hobbling of Hetan'. - 01/07/2010 12:16:39 PM 1916 Views
Okay... (spoilers, obviously, and yes it is gruesome). - 01/07/2010 12:30:28 PM 1491 Views
OK I see. *edited for spelling* - 01/07/2010 12:41:16 PM 1209 Views
Re: OK I see. - 01/07/2010 12:52:27 PM 1269 Views
Re: OK I see. - 01/07/2010 01:09:30 PM 1218 Views
Maybe your thesis is just a little too simple, then. - 01/07/2010 01:20:01 PM 1294 Views
It's not really a thesis statement. - 01/07/2010 01:33:03 PM 1199 Views
I knew I was forgetting something... - 01/07/2010 04:57:16 PM 1240 Views
Yeah, agreed. - 02/07/2010 09:50:57 AM 1237 Views
It'll be re-reading that starting in the next couple of days - 01/07/2010 10:11:42 AM 1124 Views
Waiting for Part Two - 28/07/2010 02:47:00 AM 1210 Views

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