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And just how in the hell did that couch get stuck there? Tigr Send a noteboard - 02/07/2010 02:16:11 PM
It's Adams so you know it is fun, smart and well written. Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul is fantastic as well.

Oh, and another work of Adams that isn't as well known as it should be is Last Chance to See with Mark Cawardine (zoologist). It's an amazing and hilarious look at the voyage the two men took in the late 80's trying to find and study species on the verge of extinction. Apparently it was a BBC radio documentary first but one doesn't need to know that to enjoy the book.
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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams - 02/07/2010 12:07:18 PM 5011 Views
And just how in the hell did that couch get stuck there? - 02/07/2010 02:16:11 PM 1293 Views
Re: And just how in the hell did that couch get stuck there? - 02/07/2010 02:30:36 PM 1286 Views
Great review of a vastly underrated book. *NM* - 02/07/2010 02:19:55 PM 637 Views
I expect to see a review of The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul in short order. *NM* - 02/07/2010 03:41:38 PM 641 Views
I have to do Dunsany and Byatt first, or Rebekah will hurt me. *NM* - 03/07/2010 09:12:46 AM 645 Views
Bah, of course you have to do the Byatt right when I'm not there. - 06/07/2010 05:03:21 PM 1154 Views
Going somewhere? *NM* - 06/07/2010 05:07:06 PM 634 Views
Yes, Spain, for a few weeks. *NM* - 06/07/2010 05:12:20 PM 619 Views
Have fun. - 06/07/2010 05:14:01 PM 1272 Views
Thanks, I'm sure I will. - 06/07/2010 05:16:52 PM 1275 Views
I love Dirk Gently books *NM* - 03/07/2010 06:32:55 AM 622 Views
I have appropriated Mr Gently's holisitic approach to detective work as a study aid. *NM* - 06/07/2010 03:24:35 PM 636 Views
wise choice *NM* - 06/07/2010 03:26:02 PM 638 Views
great book! - 09/07/2010 02:16:45 PM 1175 Views
Re: great book! - 09/07/2010 02:30:06 PM 1245 Views
I know it's a sequel, not a prequel - 09/07/2010 02:45:26 PM 1145 Views
I still use his holistic navigation method and amazing it works sometimes - 11/07/2010 03:37:01 PM 1288 Views
I imagine I would do the same if I had a car - 11/07/2010 03:41:12 PM 1209 Views

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