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This is a story about two children who are not part of the greater community. One is a bullied child named Oskar who constantly get beaten up in school. The other is Eli, living alone with an older man with paedophile tendencies. There is something odd about Eli, who is only out at night.

What is worse, is that in the idyllic suburbia where they live, where half the people are drunks, all families shattered, and the crime rate is going through the roof, is that there just was a ritual murder in a forest. The tensions are high, and people live in constant fear of the child murderer.

That was a short summary of the starting point of this story, which is a horror story set in the suburbs of Stockholm. Now, I will be the first to admit that the suburbs of Stockholm is a horror story in itself, but spice it up with vampires, and a peculiarly odd feeling of self realization from the young protagonists, and you get quite a gripping story. It is not perfect, but it keeps the reader in suspense throughout, and the bleak picture painted of suburban life in the early 80's adds a touch of realism to an otherwise quite bloody story. The author himself grew up in the area, and makes the setting come alive, even if I hope it wasn't quite that bleak during his adolescence.

If you have time over, read this book. I will however not recommend that you sell your granny to be able to afford it, unless you really dislike your granny, of course.

The book was filmed, and there is a Swedish version out. There is also an American remake in the works, which will probably feature busty blondes with wooden sticks.
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