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No but it just got added to my TBR list *NM* PhotoJim Send a noteboard - 16/07/2010 05:06:16 AM
I think he does the science portion better than anyone out there. Have you e read Centruy Rain?
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

Not to be rude but who are you? And I suppose equally important, where are we?

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The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton - 14/07/2010 05:39:47 PM 6282 Views
I will be reading it but since I am in the middle of Dreaming Void right now - 14/07/2010 06:21:56 PM 1078 Views
IMHOP Hamilton is the best hard SF writer out today. *NM* - 15/07/2010 08:22:49 PM 651 Views
I like him but I would give Alistair Reynolds a slight edge - 15/07/2010 08:35:07 PM 1160 Views
No but it just got added to my TBR list *NM* - 16/07/2010 05:06:16 AM 574 Views
now if they would just carry it on audible *NM* - 03/09/2010 09:27:51 PM 664 Views

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