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Very much so. Werthead Send a noteboard - 09/09/2010 11:40:07 PM
The Bridgeburners and the Black Company are reasonable comparisons, although the books' direct inspiration were Bernard Cornwell's SHARPE novels.

The best way to start is with THE FOUNDING, the omnibus that collects Books 1-3 of the series. Books 1-2 are a little rough as the author finds his feet before he settles in nicely with Book 3 (along with this one, probably the best book in the series so far). THE SAINT then collects Books 4-7 (which are all very good) and THE LOST brings together Books 8-11. The final story arc is called THE VICTORY and I gather will conclude the Crusade storyline, although not necessarily the story of the Ghosts (although I hope it does; the books are great but I think bashing them out for the rest of his life would lead to Abnett eventually losing interest in them, plus 15 books, if only reasonably short ones, is enough for any series).
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Gaunt's Ghosts: Traitor General by Dan Abnett - 08/09/2010 09:31:48 PM 5560 Views
These books sound like they may have a nice Bridgeburners feel to them... - 09/09/2010 11:00:55 PM 1331 Views
Very much so. - 09/09/2010 11:40:07 PM 1395 Views

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