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I am curious Panorphaeon Send a noteboard - 30/10/2010 03:38:56 AM
to what extent, if at all, the author addresses the complications of the Civil War on the Indian Territory and the involvement of the so-called five civilized tribes (and the other, less well known tribes who shared or bordered their territory). I am reading a book of a Indian history and I am just at the point now that the author is describing the way this war fucked with a group of people who had already been fucked about as much as one can imagine. But there are some interesting details to the matter -- not least is the fact that some Cherokee and other "wealthy" tribesman held black slaves, though this apparently was not the prime reason for their siding with the Confederacy. The politics are kind of interesting. From what I understand the tribes, for the most part, didn't have a choice as the Union was offering them no protection and their territories were adjacent to the South.

It's a facet of history that seems completely ignored, to me, but I suppose in the long line of shitty circumstances to befall the red man, this ranks as just another footnote. Nice review, by the way.
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