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I agree. Kaldric Send a noteboard - 07/01/2011 05:33:30 PM
There are like three times as many characters in the book as in the movie (although most of them don't really matter, and fall into the "friend of a friend who just happens to be here today" category).

It took a while to really be able to differentiate some of the characters, which added some confusion to the story.

The books do a better job of getting across the idea that "Scott is kind of a dick, albeit unintentionally" too.

Yes, I was definitely more sympathetic toward the movie Scott than the book Scott.

P.S. The "NSSP" is implied.

Of course, [Quixote] carried it a bit too far. He thought that every windmill was a giant. That's insane. But, thinking that they might be...
--Justin Playfair, They Might Be Giants
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