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*spoilers* Camilla Send a noteboard - 11/01/2011 10:45:07 AM
I'm glad that you like it.

I did. You seem to have a knack for choosing books for me.

To me, the plot is structured in a very similar way to fairytales of the Grimm variety. There are always a number of tasks or obstacles to overcome, and doing doesn't just unlock the next step in the plot, but becomes signficant to the ending.

Some fairytales, yes. Fairytales rarely drop apparently insignificant details by the roadside only to pick them up later, however. But yes.

For some reason, it seems like a circle in my head; everything ties up into an unexpected but satisfying and complete pattern.

It is interesting that you would say "circle". I had a similar thought about the returns -- both the returns to the village and the return of the people they met. It was always a return with a difference -- more like a spiral staircase than a circle, perhaps; but the image holds. And the circularity is of course reinforced by the significant point of the Jade Emperor and the Dragon's Pillow being introduced so very early on.
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