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Re: Casino Royale by Ian Fleming Camilla Send a noteboard - 12/03/2011 11:30:07 AM

Decent review, my friend. I'm a fan of Fleming's Bond novels, but I don't think that Casino Royale is one of the best ones (nor is it one of the worst - for the better ones try From Russia, With Love or On Her Majesty's Secret Service). His writing got better as he went along. Some of your complaints are valid, as they do seem to express a particular world view that Fleming wasn't at all subtle about, but I think that they're fun novels that can easily be read in the space of a few hours. I'm not quite sure why I like them that much either - I'm not at all like James Bond nor would I want to be.

Perhaps I should give him another chance. I have been wanting to read On Her Majesty's Secret Service: I watched the film in mute horror and I have always wanted to know whether the book was as bad. To hear you describe it as one of the better makes it almost a must-read for me. It would not be the first time a film failed to get the point, I suppose.
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