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The story sounds familiar. Palatine Send a noteboard - 20/09/2009 01:23:01 PM
It sounds a lot like a Stephen King book, which I can't remember the title of; "The Walk" or the "The Run." Maybe it was "The Lottery." In it, people who win the lottery, get to go on some monumentous long distance walk/run and the last one living earns a sort of freedom from the government and a huge amount of money.

I play air tambourine. Competitively.
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - 20/09/2009 07:32:24 AM 5036 Views
The story sounds familiar. - 20/09/2009 01:23:01 PM 1203 Views
Definitely not "The Lottery". *NM* - 20/09/2009 01:39:29 PM 632 Views
You're thinking of "The Long Walk" - 21/09/2009 02:45:04 AM 1166 Views
That's it. Superficial--that's good to know. *NM* - 21/09/2009 03:47:11 PM 620 Views
I concur. - 21/09/2009 10:37:41 PM 1454 Views

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