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I do look forward to it. Camilla Send a noteboard - 19/05/2011 11:23:47 PM
I was at first sorry to hear that he was misdirecting in his author's note, but then I thought about it a little (trying to figure out why I don't react to Eco doing it the way I did when Brown did). If the whole point of the book is the twisting of facts and the lack of clarity between what is fact and what is fiction, and it is setting us up to question the authorities that seem to direct in one particular way, carrying that over into the author's note would make sense.

Then again, it depends entirely on how it is done. (As long as he does not go on National Geographic Channel insisting it is all true, I will probably forgive him.)

I look forward to reading the book. Even a painful Eco book, I imagine, is better than most other books out there. And no matter how much you try to tone down my expectations, I am quite giddy with anticipation.

Thank you for the lovely, long review.
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