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I loved Lady Chatterley when I was a teenager. . . Panorphaeon Send a noteboard - 17/10/2011 05:48:16 PM
The narrative tone being that of a woman, written by a man, was quite the novelty to me, but seemed really genuine. I ate that book up. But I'm assured by a friend that Women in Love makes it look like the work of a child. That was Lawrence's own favorite. I have a copy of that and The Rainbow and have read neither, yet.
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D.H. Lawrence - Sons and Lovers - 15/10/2011 06:21:51 PM 6483 Views
I have yet to read this one - 16/10/2011 09:16:09 AM 777 Views
Have you read others by him? I've yet to read his other books, so don't know how it compares. *NM* - 16/10/2011 12:26:47 PM 434 Views
I loved Lady Chatterley when I was a teenager. . . - 17/10/2011 05:48:16 PM 907 Views
Nice review. - 17/10/2011 05:44:27 PM 3411 Views
I was just thinking about reading this. - 24/10/2011 05:04:14 AM 913 Views

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