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Gnoblins? Camilla Send a noteboard - 01/11/2011 06:45:23 PM
I enjoyed it, too. I do tend to prefer Vimes in the city, but I am happy as long as he is anywhere, really. And I enjoy any appearance by Vetinari. I was not so very enthusiastic about the poo angle -- it seemed a little over the top, perhaps. But I love the goblin discussion. They have always been the race that has been the ultimate excluded throughout. Whenever a new race has been let into the Watch, someone seems to have said "some day they'll try to let the goblins in", and someone else would answer "no, it will never go that far" (at least that is how I remember it -- it may all be an impression that has formed in my brain). It therefore fits quite nicely that they are now finally included. Especially since I have a horrible feeling that this is the last Watch book. I would like one more, at least, but I imagine time is getting troublesome.
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