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Re: She might have already. Ask her. Camilla Send a noteboard - 25/09/2009 10:22:23 AM
I do not mean to imply that I don't trust your judgement (you know, beside you being nuts), but you don't seem entirely sure what you think of it; and it is always my instinct to confront books on India with her judgement.


Fair enough. I wanted to like it but I'm not sure I did. It it a strange feeling.

It does sound interesting, though.

You may borrow it, if you like.

Ah. The rub. This is why I want Roh to give the all clear. I start feeling guilty when reading books that don't sweep me off my feet and/or can be read when my brain is dead at night. That is when I start thinking about all the stuff I should be doing. :<img class=' />
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