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Good review. everynametaken Send a noteboard - 16/02/2012 07:44:54 PM
Like I said before, I remember when I read it I was probably only 14 or 15 and I remember it scaring me even though I couldn't remember why or much of the story. Maybe some of it was that I was living in a small town. And as I said before, King is a master at taking the everyday mundane things of life and turning them on their heads, so maybe it rang a bell with me at the time that my own place in life wasn't so safe and cozy after all. Ha ha ha. I remember some of the story now and I vaguely remember the scene wit the kids in the woods being powerful and frightening. Tanks for the review. I look forward to your review of The Shining, that was a book that at that age truly terrified me. It is so full of creepy shit that I remember to this day the night I read it and going to school the next day without having slept. I think The Shining was the last book that truly scared me although I remember parts of It being scary also but not like Salem's Lot or The Shining.
But wine was the great assassin of both tradition and propriety...
-Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings
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