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The Rook by Daniel O'Malley Missa Sedai Send a noteboard - 26/02/2012 04:44:16 PM
I cannot remember the last time I was this excited over a book. With that being said, let me tell you why....

The main character, Myfanwy Thomas, opens her eyes in a rainy London park with absolutely no memory. She's surrounded by bodies wearing gloves and in her pocket are two letters addressed to her, with instructions on how to get to a safe place.

Through a series of letters from Pre-Amnesia self, Myfanwy learns that she's a high-ranked leader in a paranormal agency and that someone within the company is a traitor who caused her amnesia. Previous Self (called "Thomas" by Myfanwy) knew of her impending memory loss and left complete dossiers and binders of information to aide her future self in her transition and investigation of the traitor.

Sounds a little cliche? Perhaps, but what's great about this book is that it takes the cliche and gives it a fun twist. The world of Rook and the characters are well-developed and a delight to read. Pre-Amnesia and Post-Amnesia Myfanwys are two very distinct characters and the tearful, frightened letters Pre-Myfanwy writes are endearing. The dry, satirical Post-Amnesia Myfanwy has a humor that will have you laughing when you least expect it.

Think Memento, X-Files, X-Men, and a dash of Jasper Fforde.

This is Daniel O'Malley's debut novel and I'm so very eager to see more from him.
~ Missa


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The Rook by Daniel O'Malley - 26/02/2012 04:44:16 PM 7756 Views
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Good call. Very entertaining. *NM* - 11/03/2012 04:46:06 PM 719 Views
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Definitely do! It's such a good book. *NM* - 13/03/2012 11:35:09 PM 679 Views

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