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On females (mild spoiler on sequel Ringworld Engineers) Lohikaarme Send a noteboard - 16/03/2012 11:09:42 PM
In Ringworld, while humanity tends to occupy the midrange of the examined spectra of qualities, we clearly win on one point: neither the kzin nor the puppeteers have a sentient female sex, while humanity clearly does, and the only representative we see of that sex is clearly intelligent, however young or inexperienced or even, as the plot goes on to show, Other. This is just me, however, so I shall not harp on the issue.]

In Ringworld Engineers it is revealed that Kzinti females originally were sentinent. I recommend the sequels Ringworld Engineers and Ringworld Throne to anyone who liked the first book. There's also Ringworlds Children, which I havent gotten to yet.
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