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Just picked up a couple of things Mark Send a noteboard - 10/01/2013 02:34:26 PM
Well, I just finished a book by an Irish comedian (We Have a Good Time.... Don't We? by Maeve Higgins) which was enjoyable if light.

Like a lot of people I'm now going to read AMOL. I'm not expecting massive things from it, just looking for a decent popcorn read.

Over the Christmas and sales I picked up a couple of things. The first I'm likely to read is HHhH by Laurent Binet, which is a historical fiction account of the plot to kill Reinhard Heydrich. I've heard a lot of positive things about the book so I'm looking forward to it. After that I'm likely to read How Music Works by David Byrne. Again I've heard plenty of good things about this book, although some people have said it becomes a little uneven and overstretched towards the end. I also really like the squishy-back nature of the book, it adds a nice feel to the physical edition and is one of the reasons I went for a physical copy over an ebook. I do however wonder if I should have waited for one of the inevitable alternative editions :)
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