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Storm Constantine - Scenting Hallowed Blood (#2 of Grigori trilogy) - Edit 1

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I attempted Hob's Bargain by Patricia Briggs, and it was so slow going and totally feel short of the potential of the first 15 pages; I ended up dropping it 1/3 way in. Strange, because Patricia Briggs is one of my new favorite writers.

Peace War by Vernor Vinge was ok, not amazing, I'm about 70% done.

I gave away a lot of my books yesterday. I found a big board games weekly meetup (20+ people, with a friendly host), and bring stacks of my books, starting with the biggest and the heaviest, whenever I can manage. Someone took the entire stack of Wheel of Times books #5 through #12, the rest are probably dead. My parents threw out the flood-damaged books before I had a chance to even see them, better that way.

Yesterday I dropped off the David Lois Edelman Infoquake books, and those are really nice. And two of Steven Brust Jhereg books. Night's Master and Death's Master by Tanith Lee. Shadow and Claw and Sword and Citadel by Gene Wolfe. A little pang for each of those, but I gotta face reality - I only read books on my e-reader now, even when I'm home. Scenting Hallowed Blood that I'm reading now I've had for years on my shelf, but only started because it was on my Kindle now. Let someone else discover my treasures. I still have enough left to make my parents' living room look good.

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