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Re: I enjoyed the book for the most part. Gher Send a noteboard - 31/08/2009 08:04:54 PM
There just seemed to be too many sex scenes. So much that I really didn't care to read the other two books, even though the story and characters were pretty good. The setting was fantastic, I loved the voidhawks and habitats, but I just didn't want to wade through all that smut to finish the story.

Although I'm guessing the scenes where people were being blown to pieces didn't bother you so much?

No, they didn't. Violence isn't the same. It's fake. I know you were kidding, and I don't want anyone telling me the sex scenes are fake too, I already know that. But having undead Knight Templars charging cyborg soldiers with pocket nukes is awesome. Not the same as gratuitous sex.

Curious ;)

But you mentioned that there are less sex scenes in the next two books? How much less?

A lot less in Book 2, whilst Book 3 has a little bit more than 2 and a lot less than 1.

Hmmm. Still not sure if I'll pick them up or not. I'll keep my eyes open though.

I did enjoy Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained, and did you say there were other books in that same setting? Are they any good?

The new VOID TRILOGY picks up the story about a thousand years further into the future. It's an SF/Fantasy cross-over story, with some of the characters trapped in a low-tech dimension with something close to magic which they can use. It's an interesting story, but a bit different to what he's done before.

THE DREAMING VOID and THE TEMPORAL VOID are out now. THE EVOLUTIONARY VOID is due in spring/summer 2010.

So I'm guessing the characters went out on those alien paths, to get in a different dimension. But you don't need to answer that. ;)
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