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Update on the Canticle Giveaway. Jacob Send a noteboard - 27/10/2009 06:00:23 PM
Currently, there is only one person who has qualified for the contest. Bryce posted a review, which got him entered into the drawing.

Remember, I'm giving away 3 free copies of the recently released hardcover of Ken Scholes second book in THE PSALMS OF ISAAC series, CANTICLE. All you have to do to get entered, besides having a US mailing address, is post a review of a book on the MB and noteboard me so that I see it. You can also participate in the upcoming LAMENTATION discussion to qualify. I am planning to be rather open about my interpretation of 'participation'... if you're active in the thread, asking questions or commenting, you'll be entered into the contest.

Deadline for MB reviews to qualify: Thursday, November 5
LAMENTATION Discussion Begins: Friday, November 6
CANTICLE book winners announced: Friday, November 13
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