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While I agree that Soul Music is of the same basic type as Moving Pictures (or Unseen Academicals, for that matter), it is infinitely better. Where Moving Pictures was depressingly two-dimensional, Soul Music has shape.

While it was a long time since I read Moving Pictures, I certainly agree that Soul Music is excellently well put together.

I also really appreciated the Buddy Holly reference in Imp's name. And am I the only one who hears Welsh when I read his lines?

I listened to it on audio a while back, and his lines do have a distinct Welsh accent ever since.

The problem is that Soul Music is, whilst entertaining, lacks the spark of greatness that infused the three books that preceded it, and if read in close conjunction with the earlier volumes it does feel like a slight step down in quality. The new characters are not quite as memorable as those in the books which preceded it and the running gag with the Bursar's insanity and dried frog pills is starting to wear pretty thin by this point. Pratchett also has a slight problem with the cameos from the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, who in their own books get involved whenever something crazy happens in the city and eventually sort it out, but in other characters' volumes simply come across as useless and somewhat pointless, which seems a bit disrespectful of them after their fine achievements in Men at Arms.

I disagree. The books are heavily perspectivised, and the view of the Watch in the non-Watch books reflect how the Watch is viewed by others. That usually appeals to me.

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